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Tech Membership Drive

IT & Other Buy-side Tech Volunteers Needed in January, 2019!

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IT & Other Buy-side Tech Volunteers Needed in January, 2019!

If interested, please reach out to AMT's Joe Sack now,

       Asset Managers Tech (AMT) is expanding its trade group initiatives in early 2019 to meet demand for acceptable industry-driven descriptions of "new technologies", including Blockchain, AI and Big Data.

AMT is a new not for profit entity that has no choice but to organize itself at the same fast pace that today's technology is being developed.

        "We need to engage several high level IT professionals ASAP," said Sack. The key is to have small groups of professionals crystallize where and how tech can really benefit investors. AMT thereupon spreads the word regarding tech developments to additional industry members and establishes a dialogue with regulatory officials.

       Today's diverse tech is not a simple one size fits all movement,individual market participants need to grasp the exact nature of new cloud products, for example, and then innovate accordingly.

The first members of AMT will actually pay their AMT trade group dues on a delayed basis. "We look forward to determining the full value of AMT in the latter part of 2019, after members forge ahead with committee meetings and come up with detailed AMT agenda items," said Sack.

The bottom line is clear, investment managers are duty bound to use technology to the fullest extent so long as it fosters the interests of ultimate investors.

Once again, please feel free to contact Joe Sack,, cell: 1-914-648-0088.