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The World Is Changing

Asset Managers Tech has issued proposed Guidelines regarding Working From Home

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WORKING FROM HOME - Asset Managers Tech has issued proposed Guidelines regarding Working From Home. The Guidelines will help those who are now working from home due to COVID-19.

The Guidelines are important because some financial services
professionals may actually continue to work from home for a long time. That's because the Pandemic is highlighting the fact that Modern Tech is at a point where many professional jobs can be done digitally or on line.
The trade association business is a case in point. There is no need
for me to travel back and forth between Boston and New York several times a week to meet with industry members when I can visit with some of these folks digitally.
As Professor Tsedal Neeley of Harvard Business School recently said
on Zoom: "The world is changing."
Consider how there is a new business etiquette: professionals need
freedom to act on their own when working from home. If they had to ask for
approval at every turn, not very much would get done. On the other hand,
digital workers will be more responsible. They will act independently while
simultaneously conforming with their firms' own requirements and best
practices. That seems like a win / win!
Most importantly, we all need to keep in mind, as Professor Neeley
suggested, that meeting in person is still the gold standard. But it's good
to know that there is a digital option. This is indeed the "lesson learned"
in the first month of social distancing.
We all mourn the enormous loss of life in the United States that has
already occurred due to the coronavirus crisis. As we all deal with this
disastrous situation, it is possible that "working from home" will become a
new paradigm in the financial services industry.
For more information: Stay well!

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088