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Thurs., 3/17, "Continuing Ed" on the Pandemic & Other Related Life Sciences, Join Today's Zoom @ 9:00 am ET

Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., will briefly discuss the realities facing Investment Management Professionals

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Welcome to Asset Managers Tech (AMT), a Not-for-profit Trade Group. At today’s live Zoom Meeting, Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., will briefly discuss the realities facing Investment Management Professionals as we all start to focus more so at this juncture on the scope of the Life Sciences Industry (“LSI”). The LSI includes much more than statistics regarding coronavirus or whether plastic is being recycled. The LSI is basically the source of much medical and other relevant information that we all need to know to protect ourselves in the 21st Century.

CLICK HERE today, Thursday, March 17th, @ 9:00 am ET and view our 15 to 20 minute Zoom session! AMT’s Dr. Zaborowski, who serves as Medical Adviser to our organization, will kick off our discussion today with updated comments about how to remain ready to respond to any signs whatsoever of a potential re-occurrence of the pandemic. However slight such signs may seem, it makes sense, of course, to talk about them with your colleagues. Encourage their comments & questions! Equally importantly, at today’s Zoom session, we will call everyone’s attention to the fact that large pharmaceutical companies not only produce COVID vaccines; they are indeed full service LSI professional organizations devoted to multi-dimensional research. This means their doctors and other researchers are continuously pursuing new medical advancements, such as new drugs to treat various forms of cancer.   Further, AMT believes this is also the time to begin to underscore the scope of Investment Management Industry initiatives to reduce global carbon emissions. There is no question that we need on-going public dialogue on this matter by industry spokespersons so that world leaders and heads of state and the comprehensive Wall Street community become more fully aware of the value of public / private investments, as well as other innovative programs. We must describe how these investments typically achieve environmental goals – and, in turn, this leads to more projects and additional investor demand! Thank you in advance for joining today’s Zoom meeting & for your input concerning our various proposed trade group educational activities! Have a nice day, Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech iPhone: 1-914-648-0088