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You're Invited / ASSET MANAGERS TECH AND NATIONAL SECURITY / On Zoom Today (Thursday, 3/31) @ 9:00 am ET

Zoom UPDATE ON “Industry Rules & National Security”

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ASSET MANAGERS TECH IS SPONSORING Today’s Trade Group Zoom UPDATE ON “Industry Rules & National Security”

CLICK HERE & join us today from 9:00 to 9:15 am ET -- Gain new insights on the Investment Management Industry!Dear Buy-Side Colleagues,  AT TODAY’S 3/31/22 AMT ZOOM SESSION (CLICK HERE @ 9:00 am ET to join us on Zoom) Asset Managers Tech will describe how various new buy-side industry rule proposals tie into National Security. Also, AMT’s Dr. Stanley Zaborowski will provide an update regarding the pandemic. Our trade group considered ways to stay safe when Covid - 19 arrived. We established a close working relationship with Dr. Stan, our Medical Adviser. At our many prior Zoom sessions, Dr. Stan presented the basics of the various “medical science” developments regarding the pandemic. In turn, industry professionals were better able to continue to run their businesses and also to stay on message with their employees. Asset Managers Tech is now also focusing on Climate Disclosure and Cybersecurity regulatory proposals. And it is clear that these major developments affect our country’s National Security as well as the interests of investors. Our recommendation is that industry leaders should consider scrutinizing climate and cyber matters from both a business vantage point and with a general awareness of the existential considerations relating to these matters that are also the responsibility of the Administration and the Congress. Thank you for your interest and involvement in our trade group. With kind regards,

Joseph Sack, Sr., PresidentStanley Zaborowski, MD, Medical AdviserASSET MANAGERS iPhone 1-914-648-0088