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TODAY @ 9:00 am ET, Trade Group Zoom Session re: Omicron Variant for Investment Management Professionals

Welcome to today’s Asset Managers Tech Weekly Trade Group Zoom Meeting!

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Welcome to today’s Asset Managers Tech Weekly Trade Group Zoom Meeting!

Here are the COVID - 19 themes currently being discussed by many industry professionals:

  -- Omicron is everywhere in our country & there is much concern about its immediate effects on our society and also the U.S. financial services industry.

  -- But Pfizer’s Dr. Scott Gottlieb, relying on data regarding the progression of Omicron in South Africa and the UK (before it broke out in a significant way in the U.S.), has recently stated his expectation on CNBC that this current COVID variant should move through most major sections of our country in approximately a month.

  -- Many people, especially parents, are perplexed regarding testing of kids and classroom status @ schools.

Fortunately, AMT’s Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. will help us sort out where we actually are regarding COVID in his remarks at today’s Zoom session! Dr. Zaborowski is also President of the Board of Health Committee of Hanover Township, N.J.

The New Year also marks the commencement of a more focused global effort concerning Climate Change:

  -- Climate Change is exceedingly more challenging than COVID, as there are seemingly insurmountable medical, business, geo-political, cultural, cost, and economic policy issues that stand in the way of fully addressing the question of how best to save Planet Earth from potentially extensive damage – and the clock is indeed ticking!

  -- AMT can offer unique assistance & services regarding Climate Change. In part, that’s because newly published analysis regarding how to get to the bottom of broad social challenges recommends that groups like AMT can actually crystallize profound issues for its members by talking about them. The idea is to publicly “humanize” ideas via discussion, then solutions will tend to become much more readily apparent within the financial services industry and in society. Our leaders on this initiative include Xavier Touret, a Senior Industry Executive and a Co-Founder of AMT, and Joseph Sack, AMT’s President.

Thanks to our members and others for your outstanding participation at our live meetings and your commitment to scientifically-driven industry initiatives relating to COVID & Climate Change!

Stay Safe,


Joe Sack

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088