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Trade Group Membership Services, from AMT, The Tech Trade Group for Investment Managers

Our trade group Membership Services for the Pandemic offer opportunities that will help you & your colleagues devise new opportunities in the interests of your firm.

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MEMBERSHIP SERVICES from Asset Managers Tech – Our trade group Membership Services for the Pandemic offer opportunities that will help you & your colleagues devise new opportunities in the interests of your firm.

Membership Service # 1: Working From Home Guidelines

Because Working From Home (WFH) has worked very well in the industry, it makes sense to highlight recommended Guidelines for industry members who have made WFH a success. Asset Managers Tech (AMT) has developed Guidelines regarding WFH that we would be pleased to send you upon request. Most importantly, at this stage, there are no hard and fast indicators concerning when a significant number of financial services professionals will return to their offices. That’s because everyone has become more sophisticated about COVID – 19. We are generally aware of the importance of “herd immunity”; but we also know there are always new developments concerning vaccines that could affect exactly when coronavirus will be sufficiently under control to re-open offices, schools or restaurants.

AMT OFFERS A WEEKLY 30 MINUTE ZOOM MEETING to members of the Investment Management Industry regarding the status of COVID’s effect on the buy-side industry. You are most welcome to join us; this Zoom meeting is held every Thursday beginning at 9:00 am ET. Contact Joe Sack of AMT at . Or simply tap the link at the very bottom of this message any Thursday morning at 9:00 am ET!

Membership Service # 2: Learn the Language of COVID & Its Scientific Impact

Our regular Thursday morning Zoom Meeting @ 9:00 am ET features remarks by Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, a physician who serves as President of the Public Health Committee of Hanover Township, N.J. AMT’s own Dr. Zaborowski is also available to answer your own special questions concerning COVID – 19 at individual Zoom meetings with the leadership of your firm. We strongly recommend this individual service to senior executives at all of the leading investment management firms in the industry. There have been extensive nuances concerning the many developments during the past year regarding the pandemic. We have been recommending to senior buy-side executives, IT and trading professionals, and other pivotal personnel at each investment management firm to get thoroughly caught up on COVID at least once a month to re-establish your own bearings regarding the salient issues relating to the pandemic. These 30 minute Zoom sessions (done on a firm by firm basis) with Dr. Zaborowski are worth your investment of time and focus on the pandemic. Contact Joe Sack ( ) and we will indeed work with you and your administrative assistants to establish a workable date and time for this type of meeting. You will also receive a replay of each such Zoom meeting to maintain a consistent ongoing record of your dialogue. At this juncture, there is no end date for COVID – 19, so these sessions are essential to enable you to gauge the unique features of your business with the status of scientific indicators such as whether vaccines have been administered in the major countries around the world. We are pleased to chat informally about the efficacy of these Zoom meetings for your firm! Call 1-914-648-0088.

Membership Service # 3: “Buddy System” with Another Firm regarding COVID – 19 Education

It’s no secret that there is strength in numbers when it comes to COVID education. Many folks hesitate to ask questions at meetings because they may feel the issue on their mind is not relevant or that everyone probably already knows the answer. The fact of the matter is that coronavirus is at its beginning stages. All questions are important! Sometimes the best way to break the ice is for you to suggest a “dual session” that would also involve another firm along with our staff and Dr. Zaborowski. Folks tend to feel more at ease when members of two firms (known to each other) gather on a Zoom meeting. Our staff is more than happy to speak with attendees in advance and frame some topics of mutual interest to help initiate the discussion. And, of course, we will work with you to arrange compatible dates. The trade group environment that AMT brings to these meetings also creates a line of demarcation between “industry trends ” versus information that might otherwise be deemed personal to the business of each of the firms participating in these Zoom sessions. As a not for profit trade group, AMT will keep the focus of these sessions on industry-wide standards and trends; that is what you should and will be addressing from an educational standpoint. Please contact Joe Sack at or iPhone 914-648-0088.

Thanks to all for your interest in Asset Managers Tech!

We look forward to working with you to stop the spread of COVID – 19.

Stay safe, from the Professional & Medical Staff @ AMT

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088