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"Working From Home" During the Coronavirus Crisis

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ASSET MANAGERS TECH, a buy-side trade group

"Working From Home" During the Coronavirus Crisis

We know the initial questions about working from home, but answering them absolutely requires discussion between and among industry professionals. Asset Managers Tech (AMT), a trade group, is organizing a buy-side discussion meeting to be held this Wednesday, 3/18, at 11:00 am ET. Here is the draft agenda:


-- What are the basic IT Guidelines during this period of social distancing?

-- Do you need to form "clusters" of professionals, for instance, a trader, a developer and a regulatory or compliance adviser (each one working from his or her own home)?

-- Your investment management firm needs to envision a 3 to 6 month comprehensive plan for all departments.

-- Firms will need to analyze, individually, relevant Government pronouncements regarding the Crisis, to understand the many developments affecting their respective clients.

-- You need to follow Fed and Treasury Department pronouncements.

-- Your C-Suite, of course, needs to be informed and up to date in real time regarding all key issues.

-- Each buy-side firm must assign folks to maintain digital connectivity with all of its service providers. Those responsible will also do this from home, so they need a plan!

-- In fact, every essential area of the firm needs a plan. Importantly, IT professionals (also working from home) are charged with assuring that all of these plans are interconnected.

-- We could mention other key elements of an investment manager's business that are related to the Crisis - however, we look forward to doing so at our AMT meeting on 3/18/2020.

-- Our Main Goal @ This Juncture: is to organize collegial trade group meetings, so buy-side professionals can share ideas on what they are generally encountering. Industry participants will gain insights from each other & thereby confirm for themselves that they are likely adapting to the Crisis in reasonable ways. THIS WILL HELP YOU ASSESS YOUR BUSINESS!

Accordingly, we invite you to CLICK HERE and obtain the link or number to join our meeting on Wednesday, 3/18, at 11:00 am ET

Thanks! We welcome your participation & assure you it will provide helpful information!

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088

3/18 AMT Webcast: Working from home

11 am ET on Wednesday March 18th

CLICK HERE to pre-register or join the live webcast

Password to join: AMTECH

Dial in details:

US TOLL FREE +1-855-749-4750 * US TOLL +1-415-655-0001 * Access code: 668 490 166