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Update on How COVID - 19 Affects Investment Management Professionals

CLICK HERE to view our latest COVID – 19 presentation featuring Dr. Stan Zaborowski

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COVID – 19 AFFECTS ALL MEMBERS OF THE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY / we cover the pandemic for the industry, including those Working From Home.

CLICK HERE to view our latest COVID – 19 presentation featuring Dr. Stan Zaborowski, who serves as medical adviser to our trade group.

Dr. Stan’s remarks offer many practical insights concerning the following matters:

  1. Current “nationwide surge” requires the help of all Americans / wear masks & social distance / use “common sense” & avoid congregating in large groups.
  2. One possible “election outcome” is governmental leaders will “follow the science” and inspire safe travel by everyone, including air purifiers on planes.
  3. Vaccines will soon be approved by FDA – we all expect to see health care workers receiving vaccines in January & this will convey that “help is on the way for everyone!”

We encourage your comments and questions regarding the effects of COVID – 19 on the asset management industry – please reach out to Joe Sack, Co-founder of AMT. Thanks!

Stay Safe!

Joe Sack, President, Asset Managers Tech

Mobile: 1-914-648-0088

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