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Welcome to Asset Managers Tech's "Pandemic Update" on Zoom @ 9:00 am ET, Today, Thursday, 7/7/22


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Please CLICK HERE @ 9:00 am ET Today, July 7th / AMT looks forward to welcoming you to our “Pandemic Update” via Zoom.


GETTING READY FOR NEW CORONAVIRUS CHALLENGES THIS FALL: We have a lot to cover as the investment management industry and Government Officials fine tune their preparations for dealing with yet another version of the pandemic this September. Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, AMT’s Medical Adviser, will prioritize the scientific preparations and expectations based on various categories of available data.


PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS: The financial services industry is generally aware of various common sense expectations based on what the industry members have endured regarding this matter since the first quarter of 2020. AMT, a not-for-profit trade group, will tee up several of these items as well as a few new lifestyle considerations that are now part of our daily activities in some U.S. financial centers.


OUR PRESENTATION WILL CLOSE WITH BRIEF COMMENTS ON READINESS on the part of the industry as well as relevant units of government concerning this matter.

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Joe Sack, Sr., President, Asset Managers Tech

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