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AMT Zoom, @ 9:00 am ET today: 1) Dr. Zaborowski on COVID Booster & 2) New SEC Rule on Outsourcing

YOU'RE INVITED to our 10 minute Zoom presentation @ 9:00 am ET today

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Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. will describe the importance of today's COVID Variant Vaccines.

CLICK HERE @ nine o’clock to chat with Dr. Stan, AMT’s Medical Adviser.

Joe Sack will address SEC’s new Rule Proposal on Outsourcing by Investment Advisers.

CLICK HERE @ nine o’clock - obtain basic information about this new regulation announced yesterday.

Thank you for your interest in the above trade group initiatives.

Asset Managers Tech is a not for profit organization keenly focused on new era changes reshaping the investment management industry.

Stay well,

Joe Sack, AMT President (iPhone 1-914-648-0088)

Dr. Stanley Zaborowski (iPhone 1-977-884-0867)