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AMT ZOOM UPDATE on COVID, today, THURS., 12/1, @ 9:00 am ET

Dr. Stan will share his views on the following three items:

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Dear Colleague,

ASSET MANAGERS TECH (AMT), a trade group, is pleased to invite you to join us today at our Special Update by Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., who serves as AMT’s Medical Adviser.

Dr. Stan will share his views on the following three items:

1) An Overview of the Status of COVID - 19 in the U.S. as we move into the winter months.

2) What it means for the U.S. medical community to be simultaneously treating patients concerning: a) COVID variants; b) a serious outbreak of RSV that has caused infection among our children; and c) the most challenging and widespread flu conditions that our country has dealt with since prior to the pandemic.

3) In general, assessing the unique challenges and opportunities associated with applying our unique trade group resources, especially Dr. Stan’s medical knowledge, with the COVID concerns of folks in both the financial services industry as well as our friends who sit on our weekly PANEL of individual investors over the age of 60.

Once again, welcome to AMT. Indeed, we look forward to the many buy-side comments and questions that AMT members and others consistently raise with Dr. Zaborowski and our professional staff. We encourage such dialogue in between our live online sessions.

Thank you for your support.


Joe Sack, AMT President

iPhone 1-914-648-0088

Stanley Zaborowski, M.D.

iPhone 1- 973-884-0867