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Special Update on New Virus Outbreaks in the U.S.

SPECIAL REPORT from Asset Managers Tech

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SPECIAL REPORT from Asset Managers Tech:

AMT’s Medical Adviser, Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, recently produced a video message for members and others who follow AMT’s health advisories and urged everyone to be heads up concerning the following:

  1) RSV, which is a respiratory illness that is affecting children and is beginning to spread in various parts of the U.S. This is a severe flu-like illness among young children; and parents should seek treatment by a physician for children who are experiencing any form of respiratory challenges.

 2) Also, new COVID variants are being identified. Outbreaks in the States of New York and New Jersey, for instance, of BQ1 and BQ1.1 have accounted for some 20 percent of viruses currently being reported in those states. These latest variants can be curtailed, especially with regard to folks who receive their bivalent boosters. Eligible adults should reach out to their providers or go to major brand drug stores to arrange for these boosters or other relevant vaccines.

CLICK HERE to view the aforementioned video produced by Dr. Stan!

Please note that AMT intends to provide further updated information on the above items on Thursday morning, 10/27, via a regularly scheduled Zoom presentation featuring Dr. Zaborowski. Access to this live 9:00 am ET Zoom will be made available to industry members and others through our regular messaging prior to the actual Zoom presentation.

Stay well!

Joe Sack, AMT President

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