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Dr. Stanley Zaborowski's COVID Update / Only Hybrid Infections Still Possible

Replay of Dr Stan Zaborowski's latest presentation

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Welcome to Asset Managers Tech - We are pleased to share the following update:

As you will note in the attached 2/16/23 relatively brief Zoom replay (CLICK HERE), Dr. Stan Zaborowski advised that COVID viruses are down in volume & fairly well under control in the U.S. Nonetheless, hybrid infections will more than likely continue to occur from time to time.

Furthermore, medical professionals remain up to date concerning prescribing various COVID treatments or recently approved meds as they are needed by folks who may have tested positive and are in need of relief from a relevant virus.

AMT, a not for profit entity, would also like to suggest to folks in all age brackets to consider joining us when we invite you, our colleagues, to attend our various live video presentations. Professionals in Modern Medical Science are clearly prolific in this new period that began with the pandemic. In some respects, our own programming and messaging is similar to a "book club.” Dr. Stan underscores the on-going new challenges stemming from COVID-19; and then our own AMT panel members (who are professionals from all walks of life) proceed to analyze these new challenges in our society.

You may also be aware that the latest concerns caused mainly by COVID are the bouts with depression that teenage girls are experiencing, including difficulty keeping up with school work and even depression and suicidal thoughts. According to a recent CDC report, the fact that these teenagers were unable to attend school or socialize as usual when the pandemic was raging is the apparent cause of this extremely difficult situation in many parts of America.

Our main goal is “awareness”. We strive to call attention to these new challenges in our society, so folks can thereupon determine whether to take additional steps relevant to their personal interests.

Thank you for your interest and participation in AMT.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph W. Sack, AMT President

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Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., AMT’s Medical Adviser

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