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Healthcare w/ Dr. Stan, Today on Zoom @ 9:00am ET

Welcome to our live September 21, 2023 Zoom session!

· AI,Health Care Trends,Vaccines,cancer

Welcome to our live September 21, 2023 Zoom session! CLICK HERE @ 9:00 am ET this Thursday morning & chat with Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. about the current status of Vaccines and Healthcare in the United States.

This 10 minute presentation will provide you with new medical information concerning the latest COVID variants & an anticipated flu outbreak in our country this fall. Whether you are with a financial services firm or investing for your own account, new COVID variants remain in our midst.

Dr. Zaborowski will explain the salient points regarding the above threats to our health, so that you and your colleagues & friends and family members may proceed safely and confidently as colder weather begins to take hold in many areas of the U.S.

There are other infectious diseases that you must also guard against — and we will discuss these as well!

Our commentary will conclude with highlights relating to

1) AI and its anticipated effectiveness regarding developing treatments for a host of diseases; and

2) the advancement of further efforts to fight cancer.

Finally, we note Bill Gates and other technology executives continue to underscore the need for patience as AI’s sophistication is being tested and used effectively in tandem with various other medical achievements such as the mRNA treatments. We at AMT also support this suggestion.

Very truly yours,

Joe Sack, AMT Co-Founder (AMT is a not for profit entity)

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Stanley Zaborowski, M.D., Medical Adviser to AMT

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