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New Research Projects on Cancer

Reviewed Today, 8/31/23 on Zoom LIVE at 9:00 am ET - Featuring Remarks by Dr. Stanley Zaborowski

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 CLICK HERE at 9:00 am ET today and you will gain access to our live, succinct report by Stanley Zaborowski, M.D.

Dr Stan has been sharing (twice a week since April, 2020) his knowledge of relevant medical breakthroughs with members of our not for profit enterprise within the financial services industry.

We cater to retired professionals who today are typically investors with an active interest in also helping themselves and other Seniors learn about medical “Moonshots”.

Such “Moonshots” can be the difference makers when it comes to reversing the spread of cancer, should you or others become infected as a result of cancer cells.

Dr. Stan will describe how the U.S. is now making grants to leading expert Research Doctors & Institutions so they, in turn, might accelerate the necessary research to successfully treat any previously “incurable” cancerous diseases.

We urge you to tune into our Zoom presentation today, even if only for a few minutes. Join with so many other members of society — get to know that if diagnosed in 2023 with cancer, you may likely have several potential treatments at your disposal now to enable you, in various instances, to substantially reduce or even defeat this disease.


Joe Sack, President of AMT, a not for profit trade group

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Dr. Stanley Zaborowski, AMT’s Medical Adviser

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