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Trade Group Zoom Session @ 9:00 am ET TODAY re: COVID "Lessons Learned"

CLICK HERE today at 9:00 am ET and share your views!

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Dear Colleagues,

Since April, 2020, Trade Group ASSET MANAGERS TECH relied on the Weekly Medical Advice of Stanley Zaborowski, M.D. concerning how to cope with COVID - 19. Dr. Zaborowski, a Board Certified Internist, serves as AMT’s Medical Adviser.

Regarding our coronavirus efforts, we’ve actually held several hundred live Zoom sessions featuring presentations by Dr. Stan. Following each of these live sessions, the AMT staff distributed emails summarizing the key points being suggested by Dr. Stan — regarding the safety of employees the ability of firms to meet customers’ needs. All of these heroic activities occurred as the virus spread rapidly in our society.

At this juncture, we believe it makes sense to compile our notes and video presentations in a way that depicts the salient "Lessons Learned” by industry colleagues during the pandemic.

At today’s session, we look forward to coming up with a timeframe and a methodology for our analysis of COVID while it is still fresh in everyone’s memory.

CLICK HERE today at 9:00 am ET and share your views!

Thanks to all for your on-going support of our industry-wide initiatives,

With best regards,

Joe Sack, AMT’s President

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